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10 Years!

I have been a Certified Fitness Trainer for 10 years.  In this time, I have seen many people succeed in achieving their goals and fitness journey.  Unfortunately, I have seen those who have walked away from their fitness goals as well.  

As bariatric (weight loss) surgery has become popular and more affordable, there are those who have chosen to go this route as part of their journey.  The number one reason people choose surgery is because they don't believe they have the willpower and dedication to do it on their own; when in reality, it requires a greater amount of willpower and dedication.  It is a complete lifestyle change.  Not only does it affect daily diet, it causes the body to make drastic changes.  Hair loss, malabsorption, loose and saggy skin, loss of proteins, reduced portions, dry skin, protruding teeth and many other side effects occur with weight loss surgery.

When I began training, I would take it very personal if a client didn't achieve their goals.  It took me some time to realize that I can't do the work for you.  I provide the knowledge and the tools, but the individual must put in the work.

As in everything we do, we must do it for ourselves!  Life expectancy is greatly increased with a healthy lifestyle.  

It is my pleasure to help those in need.  It is even more pleasurable when I watch my clients succeed.

Everyone has the opportunity to feel better and look better.  But, it is up to the individual to make it happen.

To all of those who have trusted me in helping with their fitness goals, I thank you all!  

It has been an amazing journey, and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon!

Be safe, be healthy, be fit, and have FUN!

My Blog


Obesity & Youth

Posted on September 7, 2019 at 7:53 PM
I have recently witnessed an alarming increase in obesity among the youth in our country today.

As I tell parents when they consult me about weight loss and healthier living:  you are responsible for what your children eat.   Your children do not do the grocery shopping nor are they capable of making good healthy eating choices.

If all of the foods in your home are high in fats and calories; your children will gain weight at an alarming rate.  On the contrary; if all of the foods in your home are healthy - including snacks; I promise your children will not starve, but they will realize  what is available is very edible.

Program your children to make healthier eating choices, just as you have programmed them to make unhealthy eating choices.  If it is there - they will eat it.

Obesity is not always a choice.  There are often medical issues involved, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.  Get your children tested to ensure that there is not an underlying medical issue.

Stopping in for fast food take out every day on your way home from work is simply an excuse.  Fast food is no longer fast; but convenient.

Take the time to prepare meals for the entire family.  Get the family involved and help them to understand the benefits of healthier eating.

It is very easy to hand your children money and allow them to purchase their own meals on the run.  And, of course; a child will rarely choose healthy eating.

Fast is; if you children are not taught how to make healthier choices; they will find themselves with a larger number of health issues and injuries.

We need to not only take control of our own health but the health of the youth in our lives.  Keep them healthy, strong and safe.

Healthier eating choices are not difficult, but they are  essential.

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